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Meet Therapist Jenn

I'm Jenn Ekeoba, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate and CEO & Founder of The SHIFT Mental Wellness, PLLC. As a mental health practitioner with over 12 years of experience in business, human resources development and counseling, I have been privileged to work with teens and adults throughout the state of Texas to improve their quality of life through personal, clinical, and professional development. My clinical experiences ranges from behavioral health and private practice settings, and development of mental health counseling services in the community college setting. My approach to therapy is person-centered and individualized for a client's unique needs but you will always get the same authentic, down-to-earth, humorous clinician who will encourage you to be your own best advocate. 


Credentials & Education

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate Lic#90791 (TX)

Supervised by Danielle Bowman, LPC-S

M.Ed. Counseling & Human Development

Lamar University

M.B.A. Strategic Management & Human Resources Development

University of Houston - Victoria

BA Communications/Global Business

University of Houston

My Why

Oftentimes, Black/African American women who seem to be "smashing it" professionally and socially are not allowed the space to express or even acknowledge emotions. Not only are we bombarded by microaggressions and misogyny, but we are also told anecdotes such as "never let them see you sweat" or "you're a Strong Black Woman". While well-meaning, these phrases can create a destructive narrative that our thoughts and feelings don't matter and should be ignored. Being the "strong friend" has a negative impact on our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I can personally attest to this because in my former "corporate era" I embodied the "Strong Black Woman", "Superwoman", and "strong friend" to fit a particular and socially accepted mold. But I never felt free to have an emotion or the just be ME. I was existing...not living. 

The SHIFT Mental Wellness was birthed from my own rebirth from being a high-functioning anxious, chronic burned out perfectionist to my authentic self. Through my own self-work and journey, I realized my purpose as a Black therapist was to help other women to make a shift and provide a safe space to reconnect with their emotional body and transform into the fulfilled woman they seek to become. 

Fun Facts!!!

  • I'm Halfrican (dad is Nigerian and mom is African American) and 2nd oldest of 5 siblings.

  • I have a passion for serving the Black/African American community through volunteering and charities.

  • I'm a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

  • I love spending quality time with my family and friends and church family.

  • I love spicy food but hate sweets unless it's vegan ice cream.

  • I'm a creative who loves all things artistic.

  • I authored two published fictional novels with mental health themes.

  • I'm a proud BLERD (Black Nerd) who loves sci-fi, action films, jazz, hip hop, comic books, anime, fashion, Janet Jackson and Beyonce.

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