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Feel like you are in an exhaustive pattern of being misunderstood, undervalued, and overwhelmed?

Intrusive negative thoughts and limiting belief are creating a barrier between you and who you want to become?

Does it seem like no matter how well you are doing in one area of your life, the others are a hot mess?

Well, let's talk about it!

The SHIFT Mental Wellness prioritizes Black mental health through empowering high-achieving women of the African Diaspora to reconnect with their mind, body, and spirit and provide a space of freedom to transform, heal, grow, and cultivate harmony and abundance to thrive as their ideal self.


At The SHIFT Mental Wellness, my mission is to empower high-achieving women of the African Diaspora ages 18 and up who are motivated to transform a life narrative of stress, frustration, confusion, and dissatisfaction to one of stability, liberation, clarity and harmony.

If you are ready to shift your mindset, redefine your personal narrative, enhance your relationships, improve your career trajectory, and increase your self-confidence, I am here to help you gain clarity, insight and the tools to accomplish your goals.
The choice to participate in the therapeutic process is an act of self-love and self-care you deserve.

Don't delay your transformation any longer! Make the SHIFT today from simply surviving day-to-day to thriving!


Virtual Office

5161 San Felipe Street

Suite 320

Houston, TX 77056



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