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Image by Clarke Sanders

Some Topics We Discuss Are:

  • Establishing healthy boundaries and the using the power of NO

  • Low self-confidence/self-esteem

  • Navigating job challenges/stress

  • Limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

  • Coping with life changes/transformations

  • Navigating and exploring identify and what it means to be authentic

  • Finding balance and harmony in life 

  • Understanding, Re-defining, and Prioritizing rest and self-care

What Do I Need to Know About the Group?

When Does the Group Start?

Tuesday, June 11th at 6:30pm

What Day and Time is Group?
Every Tuesday Evening at 6:30pm to 7:45pm

How Long Does Group Last?

8 weeks

Where Do We Meet?

Online via Zoom 

How Many Will Be in the Group?

Between 5 to 10 participants

What is My Investment?

$25 per week for a 8 week commitment (Total $200)

Is the Group Confidential?

I take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. All members of the group will sign an agreement to uphold confidentiality. Please keep in mind because it is a group seating, confidentiality is not always guaranteed but we can agree as a group to strive to maintain a safe and trusting environment. The ONLY exception is I am a mandated reporter which means if you want to hurt yourself, hurt someone in a vulnerable population, I will have to let appropriate agencies know to ensure everyone is safe.
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